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We see a future where healthcare is more personalised, predictive, and preventative.

BioMark is building a platform that will serve as the 'missing piece' between three key parts of the healthcare equation: patients, doctors, and medical laboratories. At the centre of BioMark's efforts to prevent disease before it starts is an efficient, customised platform that serves the needs of each group. Patients gain knowledge of their risk factors, and motivation from watching how their everyday changes impact their potential health outcomes. Doctors streamline their processes and set the groundwork for more productive patient interactions. Additionally, labs are integrated into every step of the process, serving not as a silo of medical information, but as an interconnected node of in-real-time health data.

We believe prevention is better than cure, so we're on a mission to get everyone biomarking.

Prevention is better than cure

The way people approach their health is changing – and the future lies in preventing disease before it starts. We've designed every element of our service to focus on creating a healthier future.

Health is a team sport

Providing patients with more knowledge, creating more effective ways for doctors to work, and integrating lab information into every aspect of the process leads to better outcomes for everyone. BioMark helps you find the 'A' team for preventing disease before it starts.

Tracking leads to progress

Making better choices to improve your health can feel overwhelming, and progress sometimes seems slow. BioMark's dashboard view of personal health serves as a monitor and motivator, allowing you to examine your current state and see the specifics of your improvement over time.

Privacy is paramount

Working hand-in-hand with BioMark's partner labs and your healthcare provider, we maintain the strictest security standards for your health data. Log in anytime to see your results, or export them to share with others. You're in control of your information.

The Team

Founded on the belief that prevention is better than cure, BioMark was established by a team of medical professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about transforming the way healthcare is delivered. BioMark is guided by an Advisory Board that includes pre-eminent practitioners in their field in Asia. Together, we are working to develop a future that's not only better for patients, but empowers all stakeholders in the medical system to operate at their highest capacity.

Kun Jiang

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Vera

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Nelson Nheu

Chief Medical Officer

Kit Sumabat

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Izzhar Putra

Head of Business Development

Advisory Board
Dr John Chia
Dr Lim Zi Yi
Dr Num Tanthuwanit
Dr Jeremy Lim

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